Eastside Fellowship is a Seventh-day Adventist Church who desires to create a relevant atmosphere where people can connect with and grow closer to God. This is accomplished through small groups, Bible studies, social activities/activism and weekly corporate worship.

Adventists believe a Trinity of three persons–the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit–make up one God. They made salvation possible when Jesus, the Son, came to earth as a baby in Bethlehem and lived a sinless life in accordance with the Father’s will. When Jesus was crucified for the sins of the people of the world and arose from the dead on the third day, victory was won for everyone.

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Worship services every Saturday beginning at 11:00 a.m.

Church Service Order change.
 Please be aware that sermons will begin at 11:07. Service will continue to start at 11:00 but we are moving the sermon forward to help facilitate Pastor Ron being with us more often.


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Obstacles are things a person sees when he takes his eyes off his goal. 


Obstacles are things a person sees when he takes his eyes off his goal. 

Pastor Ron Sydney

Pastor Ron Sydney was born and raised on the beautiful island of Saint Lucia in the Caribbean, an area he often calls ‘the gateway into Heaven itself’. The younger of two children, Ron spent his childhood and youth heavily involved in church which, along with his mother’s influence, nurtured within him a passion to do something great for God. 

After receiving a Bachelors of Theology degree from Canadian University College in 2006, Ron accepted a call to Pasco, WA where he led the Pasco Ephesus SDA Church and was youth pastor at the Richland SDA Church.  Next, Ron resumed his education at Andrews University where he completed his Masters of Divinity degree, and then returned to Washington in 2013 to continue his ministry.

Ron has a passion for people, regardless of age, lifestyle, cultural background or ethnicity. “Creating a safe environment within our church, so the unchurched feel welcome,” is a motto for his ministry. Ron also loves leading through the empowerment of others. He believes that in God’s army, there are no Privates; we live and operate in community and as a team.

Other passions of Ron include utilizing his many musical talents for ministry through singing and playing the piano, drums, cello, and bass guitar. Ron is also a sports lover and welcomes a friendly game of racquetball, basketball, soccer, football, volleyball, or table tennis. Or, you might find Ron reading, traveling, hiking, talking to his mom and spending time with his girlfriend Frances.


“The thing that I most dread is that I get to the end of my life, and look back only to realize I wasted it. My desire is to surrender not just my spiritual life to God, but my entire life to him. And if that includes standing in front of the gates of Hell to redirect traffic, then count me in!”   - Ron





Pastor Ron Sydney- Pastor 

Kosuke Takahashi - Head Elder

Amie Bostian - Church Treasurer

Jeany Lee - Discipleship

Steve Namkung - Worship Coordinator

John Griffin - Outreach Coordinator

Sunny Lee - Children's Ministry

Marc Bostian - In-reach Coordinator

Peter Ro - Church Clerk