Once a month

In an effort to get our men out of the house, away from work, and take a break for a couple hours. We will rotate the place, the price range, and the day of the week in hopes that we can hit a date that works for many. I will attempt to schedule out several months in advance to allow time to put it in your schedule. There is no agenda, this is not a Bible study. This is just time to catch up and chat, enjoy a meal and if something is on your heart, let us know. 

RSVP to Marc Bostian - marcbostian@gmail.com 

Format: buy your own food and drinks

In-Reach will buy a few appetizers to get things going. If you want to invite someone and buy them dinner, that could be a great way to build some friendships and maybe they can get you next time. We will see how this goes. If you have suggestions for places you would like us to go, let me know.




Yea's wok chinese - SUNDAY night, 6:00-8:00PM

This is a Cougar Mountain favorite, and it can be a bit snug so RSVP early on this one. Located in Coal Creek Village Shopping Center. The food is an amazing mix of Hunan, Szechuan & Mandarin Cuisine. The plates are large and easy to share, so probably a good night to bring cash for easy splitting or combining.  

6969 Coal Creek Pkwy SE
Newcastle, WA 98059
(425) 644-5546

Yea's Wok Website



Square Lotus-6477.jpg

Square LOTUS - THURSday night, 6:30-8:00PM

Square Lotus is a family own restaurant. We are committed to deliver friendly and professional services. Our goal is to provide you with a wonderful dine in experience with flavorful Vietnamese dishes made fresh from our kitchen. We are proud to serve the Bellevue and surrounding areas with our mom's homemade recipe of Vietnamese Cuisines. With over thirty years of cooking experience, mom's joy of cooking will show up in every part of our food. Our family welcomes you to Square Lotus, a place where we call "home".

3540 Factoria Blvd SE A,
Bellevue, Washinton



Saturday, March 16 (BELLEVUE)


kizuki raman - Saturday night, 6:00-8:00PM

Kizuki Ramen’s philosophy is to serve the most traditional, authentic and delicious Japanese ramen that you can possibly have without actually flying to Japan.

Our food is still prepared the same way as it is in Japan; utilizing a unique method of roasting bones before boiling, which is similar to the French style of making consommé. We were the first in the Japanese ramen industry to employ this method, which results in a rich, flavorful broth that is fragrant, and full of depth. We are devoted to replicating the incredible flavor of traditional Japanese ramen, and if equal substitutes for ingredients are not found within the US, we import the ingredients directly from Japan.

14845 Main Street
Bellevue, Washington