• Sunset Lake Camp (map)
  • 30811 Quinnon Rd. Ext. E.
  • Wilkeson, WA 98396
  • USA

The weekend will focus on tools to begin realizing the true potential God has for you within our church.

Are you ready for a change at church?

If you felt that you just were not getting enough from church.

If you ever felt that church was a chore, boring, or was tired of your duties.

If you ever wished for more in your life.

If you ever felt stagnant in your spiritual growth.

If you wish to learn what gifts God gave you and how to apply it.

If you ever wondered what the future of our church is?

Can YOU make a difference?

If you ever wanted to be a part of something TRULY AMAZING, then you can’t miss this year's retreat. 

Come with an open heart and it will be like none you have ever experienced.

Be blessed by speaker Emmanuel St. Cloud


Come to Sunset Lake May 13-15. Please invite your friends and family. Contact Jerome Lee to RSVP by April 22.